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Search engine optimization, or SEO, enables your company to achieve higher positioning and visibility in the rankings of search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Because there are millions of people online every day, some of which may be searching for your type of products or services, a top ranking means more traffic to your Website; and potentially, more sales. There are two types of search ranking results; organic rankings and paid-search rankings. The former requires a well-designed Website with relevant content and steady, ethical SEO services; whereas the latter requires money and the ongoing management of a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. Both are important but organic SEO is essential because most people find what they seek in the organic search results.

Of utmost importance for your Website is to rank well in the search engines for all of the keywords that people would use to find products or services that your company offers. But how do you find all of these words? This requires extensive and ongoing research into your market, competition and customer behavior, because search terms are always changing. Our SEO company realizes this and heavily values performing comprehensive research, thorough search engine optimization and tactical Internet marketing efforts to increase the amount of targeted Website traffic you receive from the search engines.

While it's clear that SEO can dramatically improve your Website's ability to generate fresh leads for your business every day, it may be difficult to identify the right kind of SEO company for your needs. The fact that there are new companies entering the mix daily, claiming to be SEO superstars, makes this process all the more difficult.

New York SEO company, Blu Chip SEO, offers a safer, smarter way. That's because we only use the most ethical 'White Hat' techniques. We give you complete visibility so you see your Website's progress in the search engines, and continually strive to improve conversion rate optimization, or CRO.

No smoke and mirrors. Our approach, and our ultimate goal, is to nurture your Website with the most relevant content and enable it to grow organically in the top search engines. We take a healthy and steady approach to maximize your traffic, as well as help you convert those visitors from prospects to customers. Learn more >.

Areas Served
Local: Long Island, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, New York, NY, New Jersey, NJ
Counties: Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland, Kings, Bronx, Queens
Metros: NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston, Houston, Miami, Dallas, Atlanta
States: All U.S.A States

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*After SEO plan reaches initial-phase traffic goals (timeframe varies). These figures are based *only* on our experience. Remember, it is unethical for any company to guarantee results, or promise performance timelines. If they do, run the other way!

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* Reputable SEO Firms Do Not Promise Guaranteed Search Engine Rankings. Click here to find out why.
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