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SEO Website Management

Website Management is usually a task that is assigned to Website designers. That can be a problem. A very big problem. This is because Web designers are not SEO specialists, and therefore, they make changes to your Website without considering the impact their work will have on your search engine rankings. Example: In April your Website is averaging 40 leads per month. You ask a Web designer to update the product pricing on your Website, and make some more minor changes. In June your average Website leads drop to 5 per month. What happened?

The Internet has changed the way companies do business with customers, and EVERY lead is important. When you consider the cost and the risks, it no longer makes sense to hire Website designers to update your Website. Blu Chip SEO solves this problem by providing affordable, SEO-focused Website management services to serve your specific needs. Our SEO specialists will manage all changes and modifications to ensure that your Website is always healthy and well-indexed by the search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Whether you need simple monthly updates, or more comprehensive modifications to your Website to drive more sales, we have the right plan for you. Blu Chip SEO Website Management services are as follows:

Basic SEO Site Management
Designed to meet the needs of self-employed individuals or small business owners with Websites that require minor ongoing updates. Learn more >

Pro SEO Site Management
Designed to meet the needs of small business owners with Websites that require additional maintenance updates, structural changes and improved lead generation. Learn more >

Optimal SEO Site Management
Designed to meet the needs of mid-or large business owners with Websites that require 24/7 maintenance updates, structural changes, and ongoing lead conversion testing for improved lead generation. Learn more >

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Mobile SEO Site Management
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